Scotch & Sirloin, renewed.

The Scotch & Sirloin was founded in 1968 and has been the landmark steakhouse of Wichita ever since. From the beginning, The Scotch served the finest cuts of beef and offered customers a friendly welcome at it’s bar. In 1997 The Scotch moved to it’s current location at 5325 East Kellogg Drive. The pursuit of excellence and warm hospitality has been renewed with a new stunning interior, first class premium beef and award winning wine and wine service.

Longtime owner Lindy Andeel turned over the keys of the steakhouse to Mike Issa in 2014. Mike’s passion and vision for The Scotch & Sirloin was to renew every aspect of the dining experience which included; a complete interior makeover, the finest aged and hand cut beef and unsurpassed wine selection and service.

World Class Interior​

A comprehensive interior makeover embarked with LK Architecture. They captured Mike’s passion with brilliant spinning curves that arch from the ceiling and swoop through the entire restaurant. They brought Mike’s enthusiasm for the perfect sip of wine to life with a temperature controlled 1,100 bottle wine cellar and a 400 bottle glass wall that separates the dining room from the bar and they embodied his spirit for hospitality with an elegant yet comfortable eating and bar area. To top it off, Paul Bowen’s photographic artistry adds spectacular views of Wichita and Wichita’s air capital history. All together, when you visit The Scotch you’ll encounter a world class dining environment.

Premier Steakhouse​

The Scotch has long been known for exceptional steaks but now, The Scotch has partnered with Cargill to bring their patrons the premier eating experience. The Scotch begins with Sterling Silver Certified Premium Beef which is hand selected for it’s exceptional marbling and flavor. They age the superior beef for 30 days in-house to ensure exceptional tenderness and they age their famous Prime Rib 40 days. The executive chef hand chops each and every steak daily to maintain the superior quality. Finally they sear each steak in their 1600° broiler to lock-in the beef’s natural flavor and juiciness. No wonder The Scotch is the premier steakhouse in the Midwest and has been awarded with The Best Premium Beef Operator in the U.S. and The Best Steakhouse in the Midwest, People’s Choice Award.

Exceptional Wine Selection & Wine Service​

Our wine service includes a superb wine selection stored in our temperature controlled wine cellar, decanted in beautiful Riedel lead crystal decanters and served in varietal specific Riedel glassware which enhances the aroma and flavor of bottle and glass of wine served. In addition, to our varietal specific stemware for wine, The Scotch has worked closely with Riedel to bring varietal specific glassware for spirits and beer as well. This dedication to excellence has been recognized with the prestigious ZAGAT AWARD naming The Scotch & Sirloin one of the top 20 restaurants in America for wine and wine service. So regardless of what you’re drinking The Scotch and Riedel Company will ensure that you receive the best experience, however you choose to imbibe. Special thanks to the Riedel Company and Maximilian Riedel himself for sharing their leading edge knowledge and expertise.

We look forward to greeting you and serving you the finest cuisine, wine, and spirits in a spectacular environment. Come and enjoy the preeminent fine dining experience at The renewed Scotch & Sirloin.