12 Great Holiday Party Planning Tips for having a Budget Friendly Company Holiday Party.

We know that the Holidays are fast approaching. We’re all watching our wallets, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t host a holiday party for your employees and still keep it all in budget!

Whatever your party budget, it will serve you well to show your appreciation for your workers’ year-long efforts in some tangible and merry-making manner; to celebrate together in a social rather than business like atmosphere. This goes a long way toward making workers feel valued and helps them bond with one another, and is a  good step toward team building and improving morale.

That’s why we come up with several ideas on how you can host a party and engage the team. There is a way to party hardy and have a great time if you follow some simple rules.

Here are 12 Great Holiday Party Planning Tips to having a Budget Friendly Company Holiday Party

1. Start Planning Now

Everyone knows the key to saving money is to plan ahead and be organized. Now is the time to decide what type of party you’d like. Do you want to have a dinner party at a big fancy ballroom or an informal get together at the office? Think about your guest list. Will employee’s spouses be attending? Keeping the party on the smaller side is more than likely going to save you money.

2. Set the date Immediately

“Premium” days in the month of December quickly fill up on an Event spaces calendar.

3. At the Office Mid-Week Luncheon

A catered luncheon at the office can be less expensive than a restaurant or banquet outing. Catered foods range in cost and we have many items to choose from with a variety of prices and options. Since this is during a work day, it will be less expensive than a dinner evening banquet.

4. Off Premises Parties

Invite your employees and their “significant others” to the Bosses home. At home holiday parties have a “warm and cozy” feel to them, and can make socializing more comfortable and enjoyable. Holding a party at your home can also be a little easier on the wallet than a restaurant or banquet hall. Whether you serve brunch, lunch, dinner or cocktails, be sure the quality and taste of the food and drink is superior; this will add considerably to the party experience.

5. Having Us Just Drop it Off

Instead of having the expense of a wait staff and bartenders. Just have us bring everything, set it up, then leave. Arrange for us to come back and pick up our equipment the next day!

6. The Fancy Party

If you choose to go “BIG” and hold your party here, there are some ways to hold down costs. Choose a week day things tend to be less expensive during the week then prime weekend territory.

7. After Holidays Party

In January and February the prime dates aren’t filled and you might just get more value for your dollar. So pick a Friday and Saturday night and let your employee have a great time.

8. Don’t Custom Order

For us our Chef carefully plans a menu to inspire, stay balanced, and with a specific budget in mind. When you start customizing your menus, this is where a great idea becomes a much larger process and harder to execute which in turn makes it expensive. So keep your menu simple, this way it stay within your budget but also makes it easier for everyone.

9. Get an Accurate Head Count

Getting an accurate head count is ideal for reducing your cost. This is where your company’s money gets wasted. You definitely do not want to pay for “no shows” so get an accurate head count before you make your guarantee.

10. Buffets or Food Stations

Create some fun interactions with different food stations. This will make your guest mingle and converse with other employees whom they may not have meet before. Buffets are great because you can feed lots of employees fast.

11. Passed Hors d’oeuvre

Passed appetizers gives a feel of elegance while also creating less waste. If you have servers walk around with trays your guests are more likely to eat what they take.

12. Simplicity equals Elegance

Sometimes less is more, so focus your budget on the most important items first. Your party doesn’t have to be extravagant to be fun!

The Holiday’s should be a time for fun and merriment. With this in mind, reward your employees with a fun and joyful holiday party as a way to express your appreciation.  Remember to keep these tips in mind when you’re planning your next holiday party!

Scotch and Sirloin’s Five Banquet Rooms can accommodate any size event you may have!

Scotch and Sirloin is the Perfect Place to host your corporate events, class-room-style discussions, conventions, team-building activities, seminars and trade shows. 

We are a full service banquet facility, and we can accommodate any sized event from Pharmaceutical Dinner Programs to Rehearsal Dinners. We can organize any and all necessary details to ensure a successful and unforgettable event. We make it fun and easy for you to transition out of the standard hotel ballroom and create a unique event based solely around your teams needs and budget. We are willing to work with your budget to provide that one-of-a-kind experience that will both excite and engage attendees, let us show you how we can make your next company event one to remember. 

Scotch & Sirloin’s Five Banquet Rooms:

  • The Oak Room can accommodate 110 people
  • The North Oak Room can accommodate 65 people
  • The South Oak Room can accommodate 45 people
  • The Back Aviation Room by Paul Bowen can accommodate 30 people
  • The Front Aviation Room by Paul Bowen can accommodate 25 people
  • The Aviation Room by Paul Bowen can accommodate 50 people
  • Have over 300 Call Emily at (316) 685-8701 and we can discuss renting out the Entire Building.

Need AV we got you covered we have microphones, projectors and screens for every room! So give us a call and let us create the “WOW FACTOR” for your next event.

Helpful Tip’s for Catering to Special Diets

As many people are becoming aware of their food allergies and sensitivities, chances are that some of your event guests are among them. Planning an event where food is involved is quickly becoming a difficult task. How do you offer healthy alternatives to people with gluten intolerance, vegetarians or vegans or special diets? Dietary Restrictions don’t have to be too-complicated or compromise the delight of eating a tasty meal at a party. At Scotch and Sirloin we are proud of our ability to cater to special dietary needs and present guests with delicious and exciting experience. Our skilled Chefs can prepare custom dishes at your request, but can also provide you with a selections of options to choose from.

 Scotch and Sirloin has put together some healthy tips for catering to people with specials diets.

  • The Best time to talk to us about special dietary needs is in the beginning. Catering to special dietary needs requires some pre-planning so please let us know your guests dietary restrictions. This time allows us to come up with menu that incorporates your guests dietary needs.
  • Just because some of your guests have dietary restrictions, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the same meal. We can come up with different versions of the same meal so your guests won’t even know the difference. We go that extra mile to create the “WOW” factor so your guests can enjoy there meal right along with everyone else.
  • Now, there are some easy ways to incorporate dishes into your menu without complicating the whole process? If you are unsure of how many guests have a dietary restriction choose dishes with the lowest common denominator. For example using quinoa, grains, and rice can appeal too many of these diets. Choose flour less desserts or food stations with a variety of items. This allows for your guests to pick and choose items they would like to eat.

If you are planning on using some of these tips for your menu, we are happy to discuss the goals for your event menu and offer custom solutions that people both with and without food sensitivities will enjoy.

We deliver Catering Anywhere you are!

Scotch and Sirloin will bring the party to you with off premise catering service for any occassion or event. We have provided gourmet cusine, reliable service, and prompt delivery to Wichita, Kansas for over 40 years.

Versatile menus

We are passionate about great food. And our passion knows no boundaries as we feature a variety of delicious recipes. Our professionally trained chefs are especially sauvy about electic, creative food trends. We artfully prepare gourmet cusine using only fresh, local produce, meats and other ingredients. Our clients delight in the delicious flavors of our food as well as the creative way we display and serve it. We are also sensitive to special requests for those with allergies or restricted diets. With our extensive drop off catering menu and ability to create custom menus, we can offer catering prices that will meet your budget.

Prompt Delivery anywhere & Anytime

Scotch and Sirloin caters to you anywhere & anytime with prompt and delicious deliveries for weddings, fundraising galas, corporate events and life’s important celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, receptions and or memorials. We are happy to deliver a gourmet feast to you anywhere you are, your own back yard, a public space, or a private venue. Ordering is easy and simple, Call Emily at (316) 685-8701.

Friendly & Reliable service

We are honored to have been a important part of countless personal and business celebrations in Wichita, Kansas for over 40 years. Wichita knows that when they need fresh coffee, a hearty breakfast, a satisfying lunch, healthy salads, sandwiches or a lovely dinner party, they can call on Scotch and Sirloin for their full services or off premise catering needs.

artful presentation

Our culinary professionals are experts at the artful and tasteful presentation of our delicious food. We offer several presentation styles; decorative baskets and chafers, our disposable options, fine china glass and premium plates and silver ware, as well as full service decorative buffets. Every Scotch and Sirloin catering delivery is prepared with fresh, local ingredients and perfectly presented with our careful attention to detail.

Simple & Delicious Lunch

Lunch is a very popular and important meal of the day! We offer elegant lunches to impress your business clients and Scotch and Sirloin makes it easy for you with lunch catering deliveries. Our Favorite affordable catering options include our hearty homemade soups, healthy salads, deli style sandwich selections and gourmet lunch creations. Do you have your own culinary masterpiece in mind? Our professional chefs can make your special creation for you or your guests.

outdoor catering

We love the great outdoors! Scotch and Sirloin will deliver anywhere you are. Our off premise catering and drop-off service team is the perfect choice for outdoor events. Why cook when you can relax and enjoy the party? Let us help you with your sporting event, tailgating party, company picnic and  family reunion. Scotch and Sirloin is expert in the art of outdoor catering and events. Scotch and Sirloin can help transform an empty outdoor event space into whatever you envision!

creative buffets

Our Chefs make our food displays come to life with their imagination. Our buffet catering presentation will entice your guests to come savor the delicious food! We will create a festive, family-style buffet for a casual event or a chic, elegant buffet display for a more formal affair. Serving pieces include sliver platters, marbled slabs, fine china, and silver chafing dishes. Our creative team culinary experts work together to make your buffet display a full sensory experience with inspired design and careful attention to detail.

Off premise catering with the most delicous cusine Wichita, Kansas has to offer, artfully prepared and presentated by seasoned catering professionals that’s Scotch and Sirloin. We’re ready to take your order and deliver it anywhere and anytime.

Food Stations

Many of Today’s Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners and corporate events are now being styled as a more casual and relaxed affair. This means that buffet style food stations are becoming a huge hit at many functions. Buffet styled food stations are great at entertaining and feeding over a 100 plus guests, this is why they are so popular. These food stations are super easy and affordable way to provide your guests with options, and who doesn’t like having options? I’ve put together six of my favorite, most creative food station options we offer here at Scotch and Sirloin.

burger station

  1. Slider Station

If you’re trying to change up the whole burger at a wedding or corporate event, fear not. Sliders are a wonderful solution to feed the masses. We can setup a station were your guests can not only choose their own condiments, cheeses, veggies and buns but they can create the very own burger. This is an experience that will soon leave your guests speechless.

Charcuterie Station

    2.Charcuterie and Crostini Station

This eye checking station is sure to make your guests mouth water. Imagine sliced cured meats, Gorgonzola cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, tomatoes and olives, served with garlic Crostini’s.

Pasta Station

   3.Pasta Station

One of my favorite Food Stations, Pasta Bars are a fun and unique way of ensuring that everyone gets exactly what they want. Here at Scotch and Sirloin we can set up a Pasta Station with assorted noodles, sauces and meats and veggies.

Potato Bar

   4.Baked Potato Station

Trying to feed a ton of guests and don’t want to break the bank try a baked potato bar. This fun and inexpensive food station includes Hot Baked Potatoes-topping include bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, butter, scallions and many more.

taco bar2 300x199

   5.Taco Station

A taco bar is a great way to inject fun and color into your rehearsal dinner, wedding or corporate event. It can be the main course or a late night snack. They can be uber gourmet or simply authentic. Plus there are dozens of ways to dress up a taco (and you know we love to dress up). What’s your favorite taco?

Hot Dog Station

  6.Hot Dog Station

Hot dog lovers unite. Gourmet Hot Dog Bars are super popular this season and summer equals good hot dogs and a great time. Who’s with me? At your next event try a Hot Dog Bar we can provide your guests with Gourmet Beef Franks, with a variety of topping and sauce. This food station is so much fun and allows for your guest to choose unique and delicious toppings.

So for your next event call us and try one of our delicious Food Stations. They are sure to be a hit at any party!

Did you know we Cater Box Lunches!

It’s finally spring time! Temperatures are climbing, fresh fruits and vegetables are in season and everyone is enjoying the warmer weather. During this time of year BBQ’s and picnics are happening everywhere. Here at Scotch and Sirloin we love to incorporate these seasonal trends into our catering and even boxed lunch menus. Box lunch catering is so popular because they offer portion control, the fastest way to feed your group, and little to no fuss catering.

  • Box lunches are typically sandwiches with chips and cookies. But at Scotch and Sirloin we are now offering lighter boxed lunch items. For instance salads like, the grilled chicken Caesar, chef salad, spinach salad, tomato salad, and the S&S House salad. All of our boxed lunches include a fruit cup, cookie and a beverage.
  • When you just have to have a sandwich try one of our fresh homemade sandwiches. We have everything from fresh roast beef to wraps. If you want a more customized box lunch our Chef can always make you something extraordinary.

Box lunch catering is easy and convenient for many corporate functions. At Scotch and Sirloin we can deliver delicious boxed lunches to any location. Just give Emily a call at (316) 685-8701 and let’s make this happen.

Tips for Saving on Your Catering Budget

 Are you worried your Event will put your budget in the red, relax Scotch and Sirloin has some helpful tips to make sure your catering doesn’t bust your budget!  Its true many larger events can cost you a great deal but they don’t have too. Most of the time, half of your budget goes to food and drinks but if you follow these helpful tips you can still have an extraordinary event while not breaking the bank.

  • Choosing the right caterer can be very stressful, but choosing one that can make your event wishes come true is even tougher. You need to make sure your caterer understands your budget, but you should also discuss your wants and plans for the event. This will give your caterer a clear understanding of the direction you want to head in.
  • Always ask about Guaranteed Numbers with regard to pricing. For most catering companies pricing is based on guaranteed number of guests. Always ask about the Minimum Guaranteed number of guests. At Scotch and Sirloin we base our prices on how many guest you will have at your event.
  • Be realistic when choosing your appetizers. For your event to be successful you don’t need to have a multitude of hors d’oeuvres, just a select few which will make your guest happy and it won’t bust your budget. Another option to reduce your appetizer cost, just go for an appetizer table instead of having your appetizers passed. This will reduce your labor and food cost and allows your guests to mingle.
  • Event Catering is seeing an emerging trend towards a more casual and relaxed dining experience. Instead of having a plated sit down dinner, why not try a themed buffet such as a Carnival or 50’s retro dinner?  Or host a brunch, sunset or dessert reception, these are fun themed events that will have your guest talking.

For any special occasion or event, you want to make memories that will last a lifetime, but you don’t have to pay a lifetime for it. You don’t need to break the bank to get great catering, just consider these helpful tips and I can guarantee you will have an event you’re proud of and that’s within your budget.

Catering Ideas for Weddings!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It should be perfect and every detail should be just right. So of course hiring the right Caterer is just as important. When hiring a catering company, it’s important to know just what you’re getting into. It’s also very important to have ideas of what you want out of your caterer, this will help you shape your menu and give your caterer a direction to head in. To help you do just that, I’ve gathered a few creative catering ideas to help you plan your wedding menu.

Tasting Menus

We have become a nation of foodies so why not design your catering menu around this idea. Come up with a multi course tasting menu, where your guest can try new and exotic things. At Scotch and Sirloin we can design a menu that consists of a wide selections of bite size delicacies for your guest to sample and enjoy. This is a great way to liven up a reception, and get your guests to expand their palates.

Think Seasonal

When planning your wedding menu, think about the season. Seasonal dishes are a great way to spice up your wedding menu and save a little money in the process. Seasonal items are in abundance and easier to obtain. If you’re planning a spring wedding, think of light garden party inspired dishes. If it’s winter try heartier dishes like Pit Roasted Ham and Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

The Signature Dish

There is nothing better than a personal touch on your wedding day! Create a signature dish from an old family recipe, and give it a prestigious place on your wedding menu. At Scotch and Sirloin we can work with you to develop your families dish into something truly special. Also don’t forget to name it after yourself or a family member, this is a great way to incorporate a family tradition and introduce your guests to a family favorite.

When it comes to catering your wedding, don’t be afraid to take charge. Decide what you want from your wedding menu, and then work closely with your caterer to see it come to fruition. At Scotch and Sirloin we work closely with you on your wedding day. We believe in making your Wedding Day exceptional so give us a call ask for Emily at (316) 685-8701. 

Top Trends in Catering

Catering has changed dramatically in the past year. There has been a huge casualization of fine dining catering. Gone are the days of formal plated dinners. People are looking for a more casual experience. Customers want their events to be memorable and unique, and they expect their caterers to help them realize this objective. Scotch and Sirloin can help you realize this. From corporate events to weddings we have the ability to reinvent classics and present it in a fun and new way! Here are some of the hottest trends in Catering

Customized Catered Food Stations

This is a huge trend in Catered events. Multi-food stationed events creates a casual, upbeat atmosphere, were your guests can get up and tour the stations and grab their favorite dishes. By dividing food into various stations your guests are more likely to engage other guests in conversation. This is the perfect idea for casual mingling. For instance you can create a seafood station, this can house Shrimp cocktail cups, tuna tartare and bacon wrapped scallops and so on. At Scotch and Sirloin we can create these wonderful stations that will have your guest talking!

Interactive Catered Buffets

Buffets have always been a huge trend in catering. It creates an interactive experience with your guest. Buffets can range from full dinner to appetizers. Here at Scotch and Sirloin we have a range of Buffets options to choose from and the perfect thing is all our buffets are customizable and they include a craving station. This give your guest and opportunity to choose which beef cut they would like and their perfect temperature.

Sweet on Classics Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth now is a good time to be planning an event. Cake is no longer in, people are embracing more of a variety of desserts. A big trend now is Stations of candies and sweets. Customers want a variety of classic desserts such as brownies, cookies, cupcakes, pies, doughnuts, s’mores and so much more. At Scotch and Sirloin we can accommodate this trend and come up with a dessert bar that is suitable for your event.

Did you know, Scotch and Sirloin offers customized catering?

Do you remember the last event you attended, a wedding, family reunion, corporate holiday party or a retirement party? Do you remember the food at that event? You most likely don’t remember, well that’s the problem with most catered events, the food takes a back seat. Scotch and Sirloin wants your catered event to be exceptional.

 Why Choose the Scotch for your Catering Needs?

Scotch and Sirloin, knows the secret to a well-planned event, hiring a great catering service! Our full service catering experience means a two-way partnership to deliver an event that sends the exact message you intend to communicate. We view your catering needs as an opportunity to create memorable events with superb food and impeccable style. Scotch and Sirloin will handle all the details of your event, leaving you and your guest to enjoy the occassion and make lasting memories. Here is what we can offer you!

 Customized Catering from Scotch and Sirloin

We will work with you to design custom menus that meet any and all you’re special needs you may have. No event is too big or too small. Our goal is to exceed your expectations from a food standpoint with our custom menu, but that is only one aspect of full service catering. We promise to provide you with exeptional service. Scotch and Sirloin’s full service catering can handle everything from team lunches in the office to black-tie-galas and everything in between.

 Save time and Money with offsite Catering

Many people believe that hiring a catering service is costly; however the opposite is true. The amount of time and money you will save by hiring Scotch & Sirloin is staggering. By allowing us to handle all the details you will save many hours of your precious time.

 Give us an Opportunity to make your event extraordinary; let us create those picturesque displays of food and drinks for your next event. Let us make your expectations into a reality. Call Emily today at (316) 685-8701 and let us WOW you at your next party!