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About the Scotch

Wichita's favorite steak house since 1969

Scotch and Sirloin is providing a fine dining experience with a commitment to tradition and superior quality.

The Scotch & Sirloin is a statement of Midwestern authenticity; Fine dining entrees distinctly prepared by chefs who reflect the quality and sincere appreciation for exquisitely prepared dishes served in a comfortable, friendly and personal atmosphere. “The Scotch” has earned the reputation of Wichita’s finest restaurant and steakhouse because of our commitment to a superior quality dining experience. The Scotch & Sirloin is the official “Home of Sterling Silver Certified Premium U.S.D.A. Choice Beef”. Raised in the heartland of cattle country, The Cargill Meat Solutions processes and distributes this exclusive brand of beef, right here in Wichita Kansas. Known around the world as the leading beef producer, Cargill Meat Solutions selects only the finest beef for Sterling Silver. This is not just a regular steak, it is the most delectable, juicy tender and flavorful steak available. And it is not available just anywhere. Scotch and Sirloin is the “Home” to this beef and it will forever change your impression of what a great steak should be! Enjoy beef from the heartland and remember Scotch & Sirloin!

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