Food Stations

Many of Today’s Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners and corporate events are now being styled as a more casual and relaxed affair. This means that buffet style food stations are becoming a huge hit at many functions. Buffet styled food stations are great at entertaining and feeding over a 100 plus guests, this is why they are so popular. These food stations are super easy and affordable way to provide your guests with options, and who doesn’t like having options? I’ve put together six of my favorite, most creative food station options we offer here at Scotch and Sirloin.

burger station

  1. Slider Station

If you’re trying to change up the whole burger at a wedding or corporate event, fear not. Sliders are a wonderful solution to feed the masses. We can setup a station were your guests can not only choose their own condiments, cheeses, veggies and buns but they can create the very own burger. This is an experience that will soon leave your guests speechless.

Charcuterie Station

    2.Charcuterie and Crostini Station

This eye checking station is sure to make your guests mouth water. Imagine sliced cured meats, Gorgonzola cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, tomatoes and olives, served with garlic Crostini’s.

Pasta Station

   3.Pasta Station

One of my favorite Food Stations, Pasta Bars are a fun and unique way of ensuring that everyone gets exactly what they want. Here at Scotch and Sirloin we can set up a Pasta Station with assorted noodles, sauces and meats and veggies.

Potato Bar

   4.Baked Potato Station

Trying to feed a ton of guests and don’t want to break the bank try a baked potato bar. This fun and inexpensive food station includes Hot Baked Potatoes-topping include bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, butter, scallions and many more.

taco bar2 300x199

   5.Taco Station

A taco bar is a great way to inject fun and color into your rehearsal dinner, wedding or corporate event. It can be the main course or a late night snack. They can be uber gourmet or simply authentic. Plus there are dozens of ways to dress up a taco (and you know we love to dress up). What’s your favorite taco?

Hot Dog Station

  6.Hot Dog Station

Hot dog lovers unite. Gourmet Hot Dog Bars are super popular this season and summer equals good hot dogs and a great time. Who’s with me? At your next event try a Hot Dog Bar we can provide your guests with Gourmet Beef Franks, with a variety of topping and sauce. This food station is so much fun and allows for your guest to choose unique and delicious toppings.

So for your next event call us and try one of our delicious Food Stations. They are sure to be a hit at any party!