Helpful Tip’s for Catering to Special Diets

As many people are becoming aware of their food allergies and sensitivities, chances are that some of your event guests are among them. Planning an event where food is involved is quickly becoming a difficult task. How do you offer healthy alternatives to people with gluten intolerance, vegetarians or vegans or special diets? Dietary Restrictions don’t have to be too-complicated or compromise the delight of eating a tasty meal at a party. At Scotch and Sirloin we are proud of our ability to cater to special dietary needs and present guests with delicious and exciting experience. Our skilled Chefs can prepare custom dishes at your request, but can also provide you with a selections of options to choose from.

 Scotch and Sirloin has put together some healthy tips for catering to people with specials diets.

  • The Best time to talk to us about special dietary needs is in the beginning. Catering to special dietary needs requires some pre-planning so please let us know your guests dietary restrictions. This time allows us to come up with menu that incorporates your guests dietary needs.
  • Just because some of your guests have dietary restrictions, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the same meal. We can come up with different versions of the same meal so your guests won’t even know the difference. We go that extra mile to create the “WOW” factor so your guests can enjoy there meal right along with everyone else.
  • Now, there are some easy ways to incorporate dishes into your menu without complicating the whole process? If you are unsure of how many guests have a dietary restriction choose dishes with the lowest common denominator. For example using quinoa, grains, and rice can appeal too many of these diets. Choose flour less desserts or food stations with a variety of items. This allows for your guests to pick and choose items they would like to eat.

If you are planning on using some of these tips for your menu, we are happy to discuss the goals for your event menu and offer custom solutions that people both with and without food sensitivities will enjoy.