Tips for Saving on Your Catering Budget

 Are you worried your Event will put your budget in the red, relax Scotch and Sirloin has some helpful tips to make sure your catering doesn’t bust your budget!  Its true many larger events can cost you a great deal but they don’t have too. Most of the time, half of your budget goes to food and drinks but if you follow these helpful tips you can still have an extraordinary event while not breaking the bank.

  • Choosing the right caterer can be very stressful, but choosing one that can make your event wishes come true is even tougher. You need to make sure your caterer understands your budget, but you should also discuss your wants and plans for the event. This will give your caterer a clear understanding of the direction you want to head in.
  • Always ask about Guaranteed Numbers with regard to pricing. For most catering companies pricing is based on guaranteed number of guests. Always ask about the Minimum Guaranteed number of guests. At Scotch and Sirloin we base our prices on how many guest you will have at your event.
  • Be realistic when choosing your appetizers. For your event to be successful you don’t need to have a multitude of hors d’oeuvres, just a select few which will make your guest happy and it won’t bust your budget. Another option to reduce your appetizer cost, just go for an appetizer table instead of having your appetizers passed. This will reduce your labor and food cost and allows your guests to mingle.
  • Event Catering is seeing an emerging trend towards a more casual and relaxed dining experience. Instead of having a plated sit down dinner, why not try a themed buffet such as a Carnival or 50’s retro dinner?  Or host a brunch, sunset or dessert reception, these are fun themed events that will have your guest talking.

For any special occasion or event, you want to make memories that will last a lifetime, but you don’t have to pay a lifetime for it. You don’t need to break the bank to get great catering, just consider these helpful tips and I can guarantee you will have an event you’re proud of and that’s within your budget.